Can parents stay in transition to assist kids?

No, once the race begins all non-athletes must leave transition (there are no exceptions)


Can my child use clip in pedals?

Pedal cages are NOT permitted for children of any age.


Can I ride or run beside my child?

No, it’s an individual sport with no outside assistance whatsoever (excluding the tiny tri)


Can I ride my cruiser style bike in this event?

Yes, as long as it has a brake on both wheels

Why do I have to pick up my race package on Saturday? Can I pick up my race package on Sunday?

We understand it can be difficult to get to Qualicum the day before the race, and may seem like a waste of time. Unfortunately, the only way we can get everything organized and ready for Sunday is do a LOT of work on Saturday. There just simply isn't enough time to do it all Sunday morning before the race. If you absolutely can't make is Saturday, we can help you Sunday morning, but there will be a $20 fee. 

Can someone else pick up my race package for me?

Absolutely! BUT.... make sure they have your Tri BC membership number, a copy of your ID, and a letter from you stating they are allowed to pick up your race package.